Call for Papers – Commemorations: Then, Now & To Come

Be a part of Ulster University’s upcoming online conference, exploring the past, present and future of Ireland.

Event date: 23-24 June, 2022

Deadline for submissions: 6 May 2022

About the event

The past ten years has brought a continues series of reflections since 2012, of the key events in Ireland’s history that have ultimately changed the face, mind, and the very spirit of the people of Ireland. As an acknowledgement of what these past few years have meant in looking at some painful memories, which have made us look again at certain events in a new light for better or worse, Ulster University’s conference wants to mark a decade that has helped to reawaken a people’s knowledge of their national and cultural heritage. 

Organised by a group of Ulster University PhD researchers, the event is a two day virtual Irish Studies conference. The conference interested in themes of commemoration in the decade of centenaries, including:

  • The Past, a reflection of how a certain event(s) became to be historically important
  • The Present, how do these legacies continue to shape the society in Ireland today?
  • The Future, as we reflect the path taken, what direction is that path taking us?

All subjects in Irish Studies are welcome.

Submitting a proposal

Papers are expected to be 15 minutes. Proposals can only have a maximum word count of 300, alongside a short biography of 150 words. Any proposals or queries regarding the conference need to be sent by 6 May 2022 to A reply concerning the acceptance of any proposals will be given by 20 May 2022.

Find out more about submitting a paper, or register for your place at the conference.

If you have any questions about the call for papers or the conference more widely, please contact, and follow the team on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news about the conference.

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