Job Opportunity: Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) positions in Language & Linguistic Science 2022-23

Deadline: Tuesday 3 May 2022, 5pm
Hourly pay: £23.89 (teaching and marking)
Hours of work: Varies according to the specific module

The Department of Language & Linguistic Science is seeking to fill GTA (Graduate Teaching Assistant) positions for various modules offered across the BA curriculum (C-, I- and H-level) in 2022-23.

The relevant (provisional) modules are listed below. The specific roles and hours per week vary with each module. The first group are modules which run all year, the second and third are Autumn or Spring-Summer only.

UG Modules

All year
● Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology (C-level)
● Introduction to Semantics (C-level)
● Introduction to Sociolinguistics (C-level)
● Introduction to Syntax (C-level)
● History of English I (C-level)
● Understanding English Grammar (C-level)

Autumn only
● Introduction to Language Acquisition (I-level)
● Forensic Phonetics (H-level)
● Psycholinguistics (H-level)

Spring-Summer only
● Intermediate Language Variation & Change (I-level)
● Intermediate Phonetics & Phonology (I-level)
● Intermediate Semantics (I-level)
● Intermediate Syntax (I-level)
● The Language of Turn and Sequence (I-level)
● Neurolinguistics: Language and the Brain (H-level)

Module descriptions can be found here:

About the role

Main duties:

  • Provide content and facilitate student learning
  • Help students to make sense of their learning within the context of the module and programme
  • Attend meetings relating to student programmes on which they teach
  • Attend associated teaching (e.g., lectures, lab sessions), where appropriate
  • Act as a catalyst for further development or learning
  • Use existing teaching materials or modify teaching materials to enhance existing session plans within a clear and established programme
  • Mark student assignments
  • Keep a record of students’ attendance

Qualifications, skills, experience required:

  • Registered as a PhD student
  • Good knowledge of the relevant area of linguistics
  • Ability to handle students’ questions confidently
  • Good interpersonal skills

Candidates must have taken the “Introduction to Learning and Teaching” training course provided by Academic Practice prior to starting to teach. Candidates must have an appropriate level of spoken and written English.

More information on GTA roles can be found here:

Pay, hours and deadline

Hourly pay: £23.89 (teaching and marking)
Hours of work: Varies according to the specific module
Closing date: Tuesday 3 May 2022, 5pm

How to apply:

Please send an email to Laura Hill (, indicating your area(s) of linguistic expertise and teaching interests, and which of the modules above you would like to be considered for.

Please attach a current CV in pdf format highlighting relevant teaching experience. If English is not your first language and you have an IELTS or similar English language proficiency test score, please provide this on your CV.

You must also provide a letter from your supervisor confirming support for your application and commenting on your suitability for the modules you wish to be considered for.

You should indicate whether you have any travel or other plans (e.g. applying for academic jobs) for the academic session that might affect your availability to teach the modules you are applying for.

If you have not had experience of teaching in our department before, as part of the selection process we will ask you to give a teaching demonstration on a C-level topic on May 18, between 3-5pm, in the form of a 15-minute practice seminar.

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