Library Family Study Room is now open

The Library’s Family Study Room is now open.

We want everyone to be able to use the Library without barriers or limits; the Family Study Room is one way to enable our students with children to succeed in their academic endeavours.

The Family Study Room is a dual use space, with half of the room given over for students with children to work and the other for your children to play. The student half of the room includes study desks and PCs. The children’s area provides a range of books, toys and specialist furniture for children. It’s an ideal space for short study sessions when you need to keep your children with you and occupied. 

Students with children who register with us are invited to attend a 30-minute induction, after which we’ll set you up to use the room.

We have the room as a six month trial initially, during which time we’ll seek lots of feedback to make sure it works as well as possible. 

Library Family Study Room

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