Festival of Social Science Student Youth Co-Facilitator

University of York’s School for Business and Society (SBS) is recruiting for 3 student co-facilitators for the Festival of Social Science event “How Can York Reach a Just Transition to Net Zero? Workshop for youth and young people”.

For this event on Wednesday 2nd November, we’re running a workshop event for young people ages 16 – 25 to discuss net zero and how communities in York can reach a just transition, associated with the ‘Understanding family and community vulnerabilities in transition to net zero’ project (information on the project here)

For this role, 3 student co-facilitators are needed for 7 hours in total: 1.5 hours for facilitation training, 4 hours for the event, and 1.5 hours for event debrief and administrative time. The co-facilitators will need to be available for the event at King’s Manor between 3pm – 7pm on Wednesday 2nd November.

Learn more about the role and apply

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