Cost of living support for self-funded PGRs

In recognition of the importance of PGRs to York’s research and teaching endeavours, the University has agreed to support our PGR community who are particularly affected by the cost of living crisis.

PGRs who are not in receipt of funding for their postgraduate research, i.e. are self-funded, will be eligible for a £500 lump-sum payment. 

Please note that unsponsored, or ‘self-funded’, home and international PGRs will only be eligible for this payment if they are within their registration period. 

This is in addition to funding that was approved in September 2022 to ensure that PGRs who are co-funded or wholly funded by the UKRI and/or University of York receive the 10% increase in stipend announced by the UKRI. 

Further support for students and PGRs at the University can be found on the cost of living hub web pages.

We have contacted those PGRs who are eligible according to our records. If you think you are eligible based on the above criteria but have not been contacted, please get in touch with by 30 October 2022.

PGRs who do not meet the above criteria, but are facing hardship can apply to the Student Support Fund.

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