November is the new December

Love it or hate it, the festive season has arrived! The little log cabins are going up for the christmas market, there are sparkly shop windows everywhere and disco balls have appeared down the shambles.

Personally, I’m a lover of Christmas, so when a house mate suggested that we do ‘November is the new December’ I jumped at the chance (please hear me out before you scorn be for being too enthusiastic). York terms are so short! The last two years I’ve been a bit sad that we all went home before it was socially acceptable to be festive. So this year I’ve gotten rid of my normal ‘no Christmas before December’ rules (I mean it’s kinda December -November is the new December – so I’m not actually breaking them right?!) and gone the whole hog – Christmas tree, fairy lights and advent calendars. We’re even planning a ‘Christmas Day’ on the 25th of November complete with dinner and secret santa gifts!

Christmas Tree
Yorkmas tree

I’ve found that the last month of term can be a bit of hectic one academically. In both first and second year, physicists have to submit a formal lab report just before the holiday. It counts for a significant proportion of your lab module and can be a bit of a daunting task. However it is a really useful way of boosting your writing skills and last year I found once I’d got started I actually quite enjoyed doing it (yes I know I’m a physicist, we’re allowed to like writing too!). Between that, looking ahead to January exams and the fact that there’s no pause button on a physics degree things can be pretty busy. What I’m trying to say is that no matter how much you love your course it can be nice to give yourself events to look forward to and things to do just for fun.

Apart from being super keen and celebrating with your house mates there is so much going on, on and off campus to catch a break from academia. It’s one the reasons I love York! All colleges and most societies run Christmassy events. I’m currently having a debate with my internal accountant. (Can anyone think of a good excuse to go to three christmas balls?) Case 1: Dance Society Ball – I’m on the committee so I have to go right? Also we have the best dance-offs. Case 2: Derwent College Ball – A lot of my friends are graduating this year, so it’s our last chance to go together 🙁 It’s also in the railway museum! Case 3: The Physics Society Ball – Chance to celebrate with all my favourite physicists and also in a snazzy location – the Hilton Hotel with a jazz band!). So many decisions!!

So I’m off to find a ball dress (or 3 😉 ), who knows if we’re lucky it might even snow!

I came in like a wrecking bauble....
I came in like a wrecking bauble….

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