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First of all, I am really pleased that you are considering Nursing at the University of York. Now, to decide where to actually go to study?

…It’s not a very easy decision to make – where you are going to spend the next few years FullSizeRender (1)of your life, whether to move out or stay at home. Whatever decision you make, you definitely will not be disappointed if you choose York. It took me a long time to decide where to study and just over a year later of being here, I have not looked back and could not speak more passionately about the Health Sciences department or University of York itself.

I chose to come to York because I had a good feeling when I came here. I knew that moving 4 hours from home wouldn’t be easy. Therefore, finding a university I could picture myself living waFullSizeRender (4)s important. Due to York’s excellent reputation of being Russell Group University, the job prospects after qualification are brilliant (see below for more information about where the University sits compared to the rest of the UK).

A first year nursing student gave her reasoning for choosing York: “The first reason I chose the University of York was because York is a really good place and I loved visiting York, so I knew I would enjoy studying in the area and the course content sounded really good! Then when I visited for my interview I was greeted by so many lovely people, I got the feeling the support network would be good. The campus is a really friendly place to be and its really pretty to look at too!”

Where does the health sciences department sit compared to the rest of the UK?

    • It is one of the UK’s leading university health sciences departments for both teaching and research.
    • It offers a range of educational programmes in the health and social care field.
    • It is ranked joint first nationally for its research environment and 7th in public health, health services and primary care unit of assessment (REF 2014)
    • It is an exciting learning environment with a flexible programme of modules and study pathways.

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Whether it is the university, night life, sports/societies or amazing opportunities, York has got it all. Keep following my blog to hear more about why you should choose to come study at the Health Sciences department at the University of York.


In the meantime, check out the health sciences website: www.york.ac.uk/healthsciences

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Hi, My name is Kimberley! I am a 2nd year Child Nursing student studying at University of York. Keep up to date with my blogs to find out more about the University, Health Sciences Department, Campus life and amazing opportunities here at York