With the new year ahead, it is the perfect time to recap on all of the fantastic projects we have produced. Despite the early stages we were at (in our first year), we began implementing our Java skills from day one.

Sorting earthquake depth

After a term of working with the Processing programming language (built on Java), we were ready for the first assessment! We developed a system that could sort earthquake data in order of depth and print them onto the console. The performance of the sorting algorithms was then analysed, testing it with methods learnt in module.The ability to command the computer in such a was an incredible breakthrough. Something I didn’t think we’d be able to do until the end of the academic year.


Creating a particle system

As the course progressed we continued to develop these skills, making more complex applications. Shortly after, the second assignment was set. We had the task of creating and using a particle system, which would simulate a realistic firework effect at the click of the mouse. Concepts from the first assignment carried over. With slight modifications to the code and creating new visual assets, the firework projects were completed.



Assessing and applying Kinect sensors

It is safe to say that we were looking forward to our final assignment of the year, as we had the freedom to choose our own title for an interactive project. These ranged from games, practical applications and entertainment services. I decided to created an applications that would access the Xbox Kinect’s sensors to create an interactive fitness game. The sensors allowed me to detect a user, access joint positions and measure joint behaviour. The task set truly put our class to the test, allowing us to express ourselves in our own way!


Building a shopping simulator

The beginning of a new year left Processing behind, moving onto Unity (a game development platform), in which we would create interactive environments using C#. From designing models to creating AI systems, we covered it all. Like our last project, we were given the flexibility to take it in the direction we want. So, I created a shopping simulator, inspired by a shop I work in at home.



If the past is any indicator of what lies ahead, I am confident in each of our abilities to achieve great things.

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Hi, my name is James, a tech enthusiast and a second-year Interactive media student at the University of York.