Wading Through a Winter Waterland

Well exams are finally over! I hope my time at university doesn’t give me a lasting association of Christmas with revision. But I have the weekend to relax now.

I have to say that this festive period wasn’t improved by the fear of flooding, before I went away the river had already burst its banks, leaving the route I take into town and one of the pubs I frequent very much under water.


But I was very relieved to find out our student house wasn’t flooded when our YUSU President, Ben Leatham, kindly took photos of all the common student accommodation areas. I think the only thing that would have benefited from the flooding is my chilli plant, that I got over a year ago now during freshers’ week, and I sadly forgot to take back home with me and am now desperately trying to nurse back to health.


Most of my time over Christmas was spent preparing for my ‘signals and systems’ exam. I think the module might have developed a reputation over the years for being difficult but it’s one of the most important. I’ll also be applying what I learned in other modules this term such as ‘Control Engineering’, which I’m looking forward to.

To help me with this revision I had the company of a rather large and grumpy ball of fluff, who can be seen here being rather possessive over a copy of ‘The Cultural History of Russia’.


Along with revision this holiday I also had a C Programming Assignment, for my ‘Data Structures and Algorithms’ module, to write a predictive text program. This was actually quite enjoyable, once I’d got it all planned out, and as a way of rounding off this module I thought it worked really well. I had to make use of all the new concepts we’d been taught this term.

The lecturer for this module did a really great job at teaching these concepts, especially considering it was the first time he’d taught it, with lectures that really supported the programming labs well.

During the mix of all this festive revision and programming I also attended an assessment centre, for an assessment with a company for a year in industry. I’m sad to say I was unsuccessful, but it was still good practice and experience for any applications I have in the future. I would advise anyone applying for an internship with a company to get in touch with the University of York careers service for any advice and tips they can give to help.

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