How to make the most of your visit day at the University of York.

Going to a general open day or a post offer visit day at the York Language and Linguistic department is the best way to see what this university has to offer; as it gives you a chance to get a feel for the course, the city and general life in the step up to higher education.

The course is usually the top priority of a visit day because it gives you a chance to see what you will be studying for the next few years of your life. If like me, you are opting to study an ab-initio language (or linguistics) it gives you the opportunity to see a subject that you have never even studied in the past. It’s likely that there will be sample lectures and in the case of Languages, short lectures about the year abroad. These are great to experience the step up in teaching style at University but also to get a feel for the content. Regarding the course, and the whole day, be sure to ask questions: what does the course cover? How much flexibility is there? What assessment methods are used? These are all great questions but there is no such thing as the right question, the only wrong question is the one that you don’t ask! Asking questions is not only the best way to get a personal understanding of something but it can also help you get to know some of the amazing lecturers and seminar tutors in the Language and Linguistic department.

A sociolinguistics sample lecture at the most recent visit day. A great way to experience the teaching style at University!
A sociolinguistics sample lecture at the most recent visit day. A great way to experience the teaching style at University!

Go and see the city, York is a historic and safe city which is two great advantages of a place you will spend a few years of your life in. But don’t take my word for it, go and see for yourself! Take into account everything that you want to experience whilst at University. It’s best to get any information straight from the horse’s mouth, so ask current students about the city of York, who will know everything from the type of nightlife to any recommendations for the best places to eat (El Ambiente, especially if you are choosing Spanish).

Be sure to approach finance, this could be the last thing that you want to think about but it’s helpful to be organised or even just aware of things such as student loans and student finance. It’s likely that there will be stalls dotted about that give general information and advice about money at University. They can also help you calculate the amount of loan you are likely to be entitled to so you can look at the accommodation that’s in your price range, as well as informing you about any grants or bursaries that could be applicable to you.

The Language and Linguistic visit day includes a student-led tour of the campus, use this to your advantage to get an idea of where everything is around the campus. If you have any extra-curricular interests such as sport, music or drama it could be useful to know where these societies and clubs are based as you can then consider which accommodation is closest to these facilities. It also gives you the chance to look at some accommodation in the flesh. Yes, there are 360 views of most rooms on the University of York website but it often helps to see the room and kitchen in real life. You can also compare the canteens and kitchens to try and select from the catered or self-catered options. You can take note of some of the key places at York such as the Library, Market Square, the department building etc. And furthermore, it is a good chance to get a better understanding about the college system at York and explore the facilities of each college so that you can consider which is right for you.

More often than not, you will be able to see some of the contact material used in seminars at the visit days. Like these foreign language magazines.

All in all, I feel that a visit day is the best way to see everything that is important at university at once. Take into consideration everything that you want to get out of university at York and your degree in languages and linguistics to make the most of this opportunity.

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I'm Jacob. A Spanish and Italian student at the University of York. Apart from language learning, I spend most of my spare time managing an accessories brand called Traveller's Flag.