My recent trips and outings in York (and lots of food)

The last month has been a nice one. I had my birthday recently which was very pleasant as, after eight hours of lectures,  my flatmates got me cake, some crazy trousers and then took me out for some drinks before a meal at Jamie’s Italian! It was a tasty day and after going to some bars we ended it in the Natural Sciences hub, watching the latest episode of Suits (which has become a bit of a tradition now). Pizza Hut’s garlic bread and chicken wings also made its way into this tradition and I am left with a hole in my heart since the season finale.

Here’s Alex sporting the mighty present


I’ve experienced other delights of York in the past month such as being treated to tea and chocolatey-goodness by my friend Megan, visiting the National Railway Museum and finally going inside the York Minster!

We went to Evensong in the Minster so we got to listen to the choir and experience the crazy architecture for free! That weekend was pretty great because my parents visited and so we went to a few nice restaurants and consumed lots of yummy food. If you want an up-market place to eat, try out the restaurant Vertigo (and get the duck with chocolate sauce if you’re feeling experimental)!

Perhaps the most thrilling part of the past month, however, has been laser tag! It was an unusual change to an evening for me since I wasn’t expecting to receive a phone call and then, one minute later be running to a taxi to go shoot people with lasers.

Here I am, back-to-back, with Megan my partner in crime.

I may have been a last-minute substitute but I think you can see from that picture above that I was born to be a part of this magnificent team.

So that sums up my recent little trips around York. There have been a few more celebrations and I’ve had some really interesting lecture courses lately so I would say term two of university has been a success!

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Hey, I'm Finn! I'm a second-year Natural Sciences student, studying the Chemistry-Maths-Physics pathway. I'm from East Sussex but decided I wanted to go to uni in the cold, cold North. I'm playing lots of squash and trying out the various places to eat in York at the moment and I also quite enjoy making little videos of trips, saying hello to dogs and consuming hummus.