What do you actually need to bring to halls?

You don’t want to be the person that brings a trailer or a minibus (cough Alice, my housemate) of things to halls. There is a difference in what you want and what you need. Try and make a list and plan what you need. That mini ironing board you needed even though the flat has a big one is a definite take home. And don’t forget York does have shops, my mom and I were under the impression that York wouldn’t have my favourite squash or cereal. Don’t make the same mistake as we did.

What you will need is:

Yourself – This is the main thing you’ll need (sorry for my terrible attempt at humour).

Kitchenware – Cut back to the basics, you probably aren’t going to become a master chef in your first year, in my case, I became a chef in my second year, this year is mainly oven chips and takeaways. You will simply need two pots, one frying pan, three big and small plates, three bowls, a few knifes and forks and a colander. In our flat we were really low on tea spoons but you can get by without.

Bedding –  It may be too many for the average student but my mom always says you need three of everything: one on, one in the wash and a spare. Make sure to invest in a mattress topper for comfort and for protection as I’ve spilt cereal on my uni bed on more than one occasion. You can also buy a bedding pack from the University.

Storage boxes – Storage boxes are a must! Even though most student accommodation has a lot of storage, extra boxes are a great way of organising work and random things.

Coat hangers – You always have enough at home but when you go to uni they become  something of high value. Picking some up before you come because will save you money as I swear they put the prices up.

Baked goods – Gets you in your flatmates’ good books, (avoid nuts just in case there are any allergies).

First aid kit – Painkillers, plasters, Pro Plus

Slippers – Invest in a comfy and practical pair of slippers that will keep you warm and protect your socks. Slippers and a dressing gown are a good combo investment in case of fire alarms during the night and just for late night getting water from the kitchen etc. Although if you are anything like my flatmates and I you’ll end up living in them.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 23.00.06

Photographs/ Posters – Try and make your room homely.

Cactus – Ok so a cactus isn’t a must but I have really enjoyed having a low maintenance plant in my room as accommodation can seem a little unhomely and for me the added touch of a plant really helped.

Paperwork – As boring as it is, University is where you start being a grown up so you need copies of student finance communication, online banking and anything personal, you can’t rely on your parents as much any more for your admin.

Warm coat and umbrella – As you have applied to go to York you have to bear in mind it is very cold! It doesn’t rain as much as you’d expect but as a uni student it’s expected your gonna do a lot of walking and using public transport so invest in waterproofs. And fluffy coats are a must in the Yorkshire cold.

Some extra tips on coming to uni:

If you have pets, add your parents on Snapchat for regular updates.

IMG_3763 Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 22.57.36

If you cycle get a good lock and lights.

Remember your key card, as some doors automatically lock when closed and it’s annoying to buzz flatmates to get in.

Don’t be scared to ask anyone or talk to anyone about anything, your JCR is there for everything.

And be nice to the cleaners as then they are nice to you – we won chocolates for keeping our kitchen tidy.

And beware of the ducks.


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  1. I’m moving up to York this September and found this really helpful! I had no idea what was essential or what wasn’t..

    Thank you 🙂

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