Decisions, decisions – why I chose York

So when I was deciding which university was for me I turned to a tried and tested method – a pro-con list for each university. These lists were extensive and I recently found them while having a bit of a clear out. So here in the hopes that if you are having trouble deciding, this may help you!

Campus Set-up

York is a campus university with a great sense of community. You can pretty much guarantee everyone wandering around in your department and on campus will be a student and not a member of the public. I found this reassuring as it made me feel less out of my depth. When I was going around the country looking at every university in the country (slight exaggeration but you get where I’m coming from), I knew that a campus university was right for me instead of a city university.

Dedicated Electronics Department

Electronics is the only engineering stream offered at York. A whole department being dedicated to my degree subject was a big tick. Looking at the majority of universities, more than one stream of engineering is typically offered – such as Civil, Mechanical or Chemical. However at York, they offer only Electronic Engineering with specialized streams, such as Music Technology or Nanotechnology, which suited me to a tee.

Wide range of accommodation and college system

We have two sides of campus at York – Campus West and Campus East. Over these two there are varying styles of accommodation for varying prices, but all reasonable and to an amazing standard. I’m in Vanbrugh College and stayed in Donald Barron Court and loved every second of it! I love the college system, as it gives another smaller community feeling.

Student life

There is so much on offer for students, depending on what you are wanting – from a night out to a night in. Town is only a quick walk or a bus ride away and with four student club nights a week and over 365 pubs and bars, you can always guarantee you’ll find somewhere to go! However for some people, myself included, staying on campus after a day of lectures is what you want and so there is variety in that too. There are often pub quizzes in V Bar and The Courtyard or if you have a musical streak there are choirs and acoustic nights in The Warren. There are always multiple choices for what you can do in the evenings and having that choice was a key factor for why I chose York.

So many societies

Continuing the social aspect of York, there are over 180 different societies which are run by YUSU, York University Student Union, which is run by a committee elected by students. There are often departmental societies which means you can meet more people who are studying the same subject as you. There are also many interesting societies, where you can meet people that you know have an interest or a passion the same as you.

Good train links

A bit boring but the fact I can get a direct train home was a big thing for me. I found this very reassuring as you never know when you need to spontaneously go home. Being able to get home easily is perfect for those times when a hug from your mum and dad is really what you need. York is only a couple of hours from London, and has really good rail links with the rest of the country.

Supervisor meetings and course reps

Finally, I feel that York offers many access points to seek support and guidance for a variety reasons – be it mental health, career guidance and information about your course. A system I really like are the course representatives, as I feel it enables you, as a student, a voice to get your opinions heard.

I hope that this may prove insightful to you, knowing some reasons why I felt and still do feel, that the University of York is definitely right for me!”

Take care and have a lovely Christmas!

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