Managing a “holiday” and work

Hey everyone, hope you are all well. It’s currently the Easter holidays for us at York, however the word “holiday” always seems to irritate me as it symbolizes peace and relaxation but since about Year 9 these end of term breaks have consisted, for the most part, of revision and assignments. It’s not the best feeling … Continue reading Managing a “holiday” and work

It’s the small things

Hey everyone!! To start this post I’ll tell you about a revelation. Some may call it an epiphany, while some may not. I AM HALFWAY THROUGH MY DEGREE!!! That, my friends, is a scary fact! When I think that some of my closest friends and I didn’t even know each other less than 2 years … Continue reading It’s the small things

Typical day of an second year electronics student

Hope you all had a wonderful winter holiday. I spent mine predominantly cooped up surrounded by work revising maths and electronic circuit theory for my January exams. If you had exams I really hope that they went well for you. I’m sure you did the best you could! However it’s 2017! A new year and … Continue reading Typical day of an second year electronics student

Decisions, decisions – why I chose York

So when I was deciding which university was for me I turned to a tried and tested method – a pro-con list for each university. These lists were extensive and I recently found them while having a bit of a clear out. So here in the hopes that if you are having trouble deciding, this may … Continue reading Decisions, decisions – why I chose York

First Things First

Hey Reader! I’m Sophie-Jayne, a second year Electronic Engineering student who in her spare times loves to sing along to musicals and drink a lot of tea. Tea is a very important part of my life 🙂 . For my first blog post I thought I’d start with 10 things about me, and maybe we … Continue reading First Things First