It’s the small things

Hey everyone!!

To start this post I’ll tell you about a revelation. Some may call it an epiphany, while some may not. I AM HALFWAY THROUGH MY DEGREE!!! That, my friends, is a scary fact! When I think that some of my closest friends and I didn’t even know each other less than 2 years ago is mad, mad I tell you!

So after this revelation, I started to think about some of the events and things I have discovered since starting university. It’s brought back some amazing memories and was a very enjoyable thing to do so if you want a bit of a pick-me-up I’d recommend it!

Flat nights

So being from Vanbrugh College you get acquainted with V Bar pretty quickly. My flat learned that the place to be on a Friday is the Pub Quiz. Ridiculous questions, cheap drinks and half-time potato wedges (FOR FREE!!). Thinking about the memories which were created there brings me so much pleasure and joy!

Spontaneous, deep, meaningful conversations early in the morning

So picture the scene. You are up late – either on YouTube or cranking out an assignment that is consuming your whole existence – when you decide what you really need is tea. You need a cup of tea like nothing else matters. So off you pop into the kitchen and your house mate is experiencing the same sensation as you. Now what you may expect at 2am is short exchange of words, you make your respective cup of tea and head back to the grindstone. But no: you end up having one of the best and most memorable conversations ever and when you both leave the kitchen 2 hours later you have drunk several cups of tea, but gained something altogether better!

Showing off York to a hometown friend (and realising you really did make the right choice of uni)

Having someone from home come to visit is one thing that really perks me up (and gives me some motivation in between the lectures and lab sessions). I’m the type of person who plans what I’m going to show people: Bettys, V Bar, Clifford’s Tower to name a few. Every time it makes me feel so happy that I chose to study at York.

Being offered a cup of tea, knowing that someone will listen to you talk about your day however horrible it was

This one is self-explanatory, but it means so much!

PantSoc pantos!

A highlight to end all highlights! If you want of an evening that will make you howl with laughter then when you see the hundreds of posters for the panto appearing around campus, make sure you grab some people by the arm and go to see it, more than once if you can!

So I hope you are all well and have some amazing experiences that you look back and can’t help but smile. If so I’d love to hear about them, so leave a comment below!

Take care of yourselves!


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Second Year BEng Electronic Engineering Student. Originally from the Midlands but now becoming a proper Northerner! Avid tea drinker, book reader and Disney lover!