Great places to eat, drink and be merry in York

Being a student can be very stressful at times, so we all need to blow off steam every now and again. Myself, like a lot of other students, often turn to the local eateries and drinking holes when in need of a destress session with friends. So I’ve compiled a handy list of places all over York that I think are great places to relax and won’t consume your loan!

Fiesta Latina:
If you like Mexican food, you’ll love Fiesta Latina; located near the river this hidden gem is a favourite on those nights where you just want to pig out. It has a really great selection of cocktails (2 for 1 on some nights) and is great for students offering 20% off, which means you can enjoy dessert without feeling guilty. This one is particularly good for birthdays and end of term celebrations as there is plenty of space downstairs for larger groups. Non-meat eaters need not worry either, plenty of tasty choices.



El Piano:
Anyone who knows me, knows how much of a fan I am of this place; situated in the Shambles this unassuming little café is probably my favourite place in York to eat. All of the menu is vegan which is a huge bonus for those dining out with specific dietary requirements and don’t want to ask the awkward question to the waiter “what options are vegan?”. But this isn’t the reason I keep coming back to El Piano – the atmosphere is warm and inviting and the staff are wonderful and attentive. The food is both reasonably priced considering the good-quality, local ingredients as well as being delicious and filling (honestly, pudding isn’t worth it you’ll be so full). I can’t recommend this place highly enough.



Brew and Brownie:
Pancakes, everyone loves them… In my opinion Brew and Brownie do the best pancakes, anything from maple syrup and bacon to healthier choices such as natural yoghurt and fruit compote. This place is also probably one of the most Instagrammed places in York to eat. Be careful though, as seating is short and you can be waiting a while during peak time.



Bison Coffee:
Ahh the companion to my ‘working lunches’ Bison coffee is a nice little café that offers really good coffee and food at guilt free prices, and the best part about it, you can use the free 66 to get there because it’s so close to campus. This quaint little place is small but offers free WiFi and a really nice environment to work in. They also do take out, which if like me you sometimes just don’t have the time/ are lazy can be a good way of beating off those hunger pangs.


Stone Roses:
Possibly my favourite place in York and not just for the triples, it’s a grimy loud place that is utterly perfect, be it before a night out or just casual drinks. Cheap and crazy busy pretty much every night of the week. I encourage everyone to visit at least once, even if it isn’t your cup of tea.

The National Railway Museum:

Being a bit of a train nerd, I have visited this place several times; if you like history, trains or just really good free museums this is a must.

There are so many more places in York, but these are my current favourite.

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