If I’m halfway that means that… I only have half of my three years left! As Donald Trump would say, ‘SAD’! No, I’m not using it in the same way as the Donald does – I really feel sad about it!

It seems like it was only last week that I got an offer from the University, followed by my compulsion to watch every single video on the University’s Youtube page… but it was two years ago! This ‘sadness’ I’m feeling actually means good things: it means I’m not looking forward to leaving York. However, this blog is not meant to make me or you sad – I want to write about what you could or should be doing at this point of your degree!

Volunteering programmes 

It’s not too late to enrol in a volunteering project. The University Careers service always has something for you, either with the York Students in Schools or the York Students in Communities initiatives. Moreover, there are many organisations in York that could always use some help!

Summer is almost here as well: why not travel to South America, Asia, Africa, and do your best there? It is an experience you’ll never forget – and neither will the people you helped!

Internships/summer jobs

For many of you having a summer job is not new, it’s a part of your teenage years. Yes, that’s true! However, having a summer job and/or doing an internship during your university years makes me feel a little too close to being, officially, a part of the job market… That’s scary to me! I want to be a care-free avid reader and Football Manager player – it’s a bit scary to think about work!


At this point, it’s important for you to start expanding your net of contacts. There are specific events where you can do this, held by societies, departmental teams and particular companies. Don’t forget that networking isn’t limited to ‘proper’ networking events! You meet people in social events, such as formal balls held by societies, informal events and much more! Make sure you go to these and start building a good net of contacts: it will prove very useful in the future!

Join a society

Okay, in past blog entries I’ve said this, but I need to make sure you get the message: JOIN A SOCIETY! There are so many different societies at the University of York, from Taylor Swift Soc, to Pokemon Soc, to media outlets, and political parties. It doesn’t really matter which you one you join: as long as you like it and participate in activities! It’s really important for students to have something other than their degree, in terms of mental stability and job prospects!

I think I’ll stop here. I don’t want to scare anyone with a lot of things, so I think these points are the main ones. I hope it helped!

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Hi there, my name is Tomas and I'm a second year Philosophy and Politics student. The first time I set foot in York was for my Open Day and since then I've been in love with the city and the university! I'm an International Ambassador for the School of PEP, I've done a lot with the Club of PEP and now I'm trying to put into words how great York is!