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Well! I can’t believe its only week 5, since it definitely feels like week 500 to me. This term has really kicked up a gear with lots of really interesting new labs and option lectures to keep us on our toes. I’m really enjoying my lab days at the moment, as we’re doing physical labs. These require the use of loads of interesting techniques and new equipment, such as gas chromatography and stopped-flow apparatus. The only downside is that the post-lab reports are very long winded, but I am learning the proper report procedure so it’s not that bad really!

Out of lectures, I’ve signed up to York Sport Active and am looking at new classes to try. In the past I’ve done Pilates and yoga so I could take those up again, or try the rather more daunting “CORE” or “SPIN” classes. Hopefully picking a fresh class will give me just a little break from all the chemistry, even if I end up picking one with a scary sounding name. Personally, one of my goals this term was to improve my baking skills but I haven’t managed to do that much so far. My next experiment is going to be chocolate cookies with peanut butter centres, so hopefully by my next post I’ll have managed to try them out!

Sorting out all the hoodies when they arrived!
Sorting out all the hoodies when they arrived!

In my first year at university I found the events run by ChemSoc, my course society, a really great place to bond with my fellow chemists (no pun intended!). As well as fun socials such as games nights and fancy dress they also put on sessions to help with presentation skills. Plus, having the connection to the other year groups meant there were always people to turn to for advice and help if we needed it. I found it really united us and gave me so much confidence, in the first term especially!

When the elections for the new committee arrived I didn’t think twice about running for a position on the committee and I was so glad I did. I got the role of merchandise officer, which meant I got the fun job of designing hoodies, organising the price and printing of them and having them delivered. I should have developed some serious muscles carrying 41 hoodies and sweatshirts back and forth between campus and my flat, although I have to say I had help! It is really great seeing people walking around in my handiwork and I’m proud I succeeded in my job!

The ChemSoc committee enjoying the bouncy castle in the summer.
The ChemSoc committee enjoying the bouncy castle in the summer.

Working as part of the committee, I have helped out on the events planned by the social secretaries and helped with ideas and planning too. In summer term of first year we had a picnic event with a bouncy castle, picnic food and games on 22 Acres which was so much fun. Since then we’ve had clubbing socials, such as Diatomic – a social based around being linked together as a diatomic molecule, where I ended up attached to two people all night!

Coming soon we have games nights and the fabulous ChemSoc quiz. Writing a round for the quiz was surprisingly difficult as we wanted to make it fun but not too easy, so hopefully that’s worked. I’ve made a picture round that is thoroughly silly so it should be fun for our teams. I might even end up presenting some of the rounds on the night, which I’m a little nervous about but should be absolutely fine. I’m really excited for it as all the rounds we’ve planned should be fun for everyone involved and the grand prize we’ve chosen should definitely go down well.

Overall I’ve found being on the ChemSoc committee really rewarding. I’ve met lots of  new people, made new friends and helped run some brilliant events, as well as learn how to organise and run events safely and while still having fun. Although I know as a committee we didn’t achieve everything we wanted to, I know that we all worked really hard to make everyone feel part of the community at the Department, and have great fun too. I have some amazing memories of being on the committee and would thoroughly recommend anyone to be involved in something like this!

Now back to the grindstone for 5 more weeks of uni work and workouts. Wish me luck!

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Hi, my name is Giuseppina and I am a 2nd Chemistry student (MChem)! I'm half Italian, love travelling and watching TV shows from around the world. I'm a member of ChemSoc committee, Dance Society and Alcuin College netball.

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