Alcuin College

Alcuin is great in so many ways that people actually refer to it as the ‘nice college’! Why?

First of all – location. We’re conveniently close to the library, bus stop, local shop and pubs. Visiting your friends or going to lectures in both campuses, East or West, is equally easy.

Alcuin’s blocks are separated enough from office buildings to leave a lot of breathing space, and muffle out the normal bustle of university, giving it a relaxed atmosphere. We have lovely, roomy, green lawns – which you can use to study, tan or enjoy a barbeque.

Moreover, we have our own student vegetable garden… and, in case you’re not big on cooking, two different cafes. All these factors make Alcuin feel like a real neighbourhood, and that means that it’s that much easier to feel “at home” here.

If the physical aspect isn’t enough for you, then the college community definitely doesn’t disappoint. The Junior Common Room is always occupied by amazing student officers, whether they’re giving away free pizza and study tips, or free toasties and wellbeing advice. The college team work tirelessly to help students find the best volunteering or internship opportunities.

That’s why I love Alcuin.