Wentworth College

I came to the University of York in 2016 as a postgraduate student. The College system was completely new to me but after doing some research, becoming a member of Wentworth College was the obvious choice. Situated on Campus West, Wentworth College is the only college on campus that caters solely to postgraduate students; and … Continue reading Wentworth College

Constantine College

I love Constantine because we thrive in a great community support network. When I arrived, I was greeted by a group of student volunteers who have provided me with entertainment, relaxation, study tips, sports activities and parties for the past two years! The College Team have supported me through university life, and the College Tutors … Continue reading Constantine College

Vanbrugh College

The friendly community within Vanbrugh provided such a sense of comfort and joy during my first year of Uni. Regular events such as Jazz night, and the intimacy of places like the Warren, encouraged me to get to know people far quicker than I could have possibly expected. Being nearby to so many people, and … Continue reading Vanbrugh College

Langwith College

Langwith is the centre of life on Campus East due to its great location close to department buildings, and its range of events and activities! As a Law student, Langwith was always my first choice due to it being so close to my department, and I loved that everything was so modern and clean! With … Continue reading Langwith College

James College

Why I love my College? James College is one of the best colleges. Well known for its great events, sociability and sporting achievements, James is also centrally located on Campus West. Having lived on campus for the last year I have thoroughly enjoyed the social aspects of being in James College. The college has done … Continue reading James College

Halifax College

Halifax is the gem of Campus West. It’s great being the largest college with the most students on campus and there is a great community feeling around Halifax as a result. The accommodation is really nice. It’s terraced houses set in courtyards with BBQs and outdoor benches. There is an exciting buzz and yet a … Continue reading Halifax College

Goodricke College

Goodricke College is a great college that prides itself on its inclusive community and equal opportunities for all its students. As part of this the college team, tutors and JCRC run various welfare and liberation events throughout the year. Goodricke was the first college to move to Campus East, and consists of three courts surrounding … Continue reading Goodricke College

Derwent College

When I was first asked to write a post about my college, the first thing I thought was “okay, so they probably want me to write a filtered and polished advert for the college”. But then I realized, if I were to write a completely honest version of this, it would come out the same. … Continue reading Derwent College

Alcuin College

Alcuin is great in so many ways that people actually refer to it as the ‘nice college’! Why? First of all – location. We’re conveniently close to the library, bus stop, local shop and pubs. Visiting your friends or going to lectures in both campuses, East or West, is equally easy. Alcuin’s blocks are separated … Continue reading Alcuin College