Derwent College

When I was first asked to write a post about my college, the first thing I thought was “okay, so they probably want me to write a filtered and polished advert for the college”. But then I realized, if I were to write a completely honest version of this, it would come out the same. I tried to think of anything bad I could say about the college and honestly, I couldn’t think of one.

First of all, York does freshers’ week VERY WELL, but there’s something special about Derwent. The STYCS (second and third years), who will guide you through your drunken club nights, or non-drinking options of probably better recalled nights, remember their amazing fresher’s weeks and want to make it just as amazing for the newbies.

And of course there’s nothing like seeing your new guy friends you’ve known for less than a week dressed up as women, singing Mr. Brightside as loud as they can (RE: the cabaret night of freshers’, yes it’s as brilliant as it sounds).

Just like the rest of the college staff, the STYCs really look after you, so you can party the night away with no worries.

I asked some of my Derwent friends what they loved about the college to get some ideas for this post and the most popular thing I heard was definitely the sense of community. We have our own bar, our own club nights, our own student run festival at the end of the year, and a freshers’ week none can compare to, so just by going to some of the events, you’ll instantly and inevitably make friends for life.

There will be ups, there will be downs, but I can’t think of a better college to ride it out with.

I haven’t met one member of staff in the college who treated me as any less than an equal. They really make you feel safe and at home in the college, and for any problems you do have, there are so many people to help you, from the head of college and deputy head, to your college tutors, down to the porters who won’t judge you for ordering way too many Topshop packages with your student loan.

You’ll hear a lot about each college and their freshers’ weeks, and whichever college you end up being a part of, you’ll be joining a family for life; but I’ve never heard of a more passionate and enthusiastic response to ‘what is special about your college’ than from a Derwent student. Derwent is the craziest, most social, friendliest, and most fun college, and you’ll be reminded of that every day in your time here at York.