James College

Why I love my College? James College is one of the best colleges. Well known for its great events, sociability and sporting achievements, James is also centrally located on Campus West.

Having lived on campus for the last year I have thoroughly enjoyed the social aspects of being in James College. The college has done a great job at frequently putting on events during the days, as well as nights out, making sure that everyone can find something they are keen to attend. Having several academic departments nearby and being just over the bridge from the supermarket, it’s been really easy to live here and there is always a buzz during the day-time. However, the single most sociable activity has been having the catered meals: a time when every first year in the college comes together to have their morning and evening meals creating a great opportunity to sit around and get to know each other better than ever.

James is often referred to as the sporting college. Being the college closest to the athletics track, sporting halls, fields and gym, James has a strong sporting record. As a rugby player for the college team this is great for me and attributes to why I love being a part of it. Offering a variety of sports including five football teams, netball and squash there are so many sports to choose from.

James has a great mixture of accommodation across its quads as well as the famous N-Block which I lived in and who became like a big family. The college also has a great committee, the JCRC, who I have had the pleasure of working with this year. The JCRC have given out countless free waffles, run a remarkably successful quiz night all year and have raised plenty of money for their chosen charity and all the while hosting events to make every member of the college feel comfortable and feel at home.