Constantine College

I love Constantine because we thrive in a great community support network. When I arrived, I was greeted by a group of student volunteers who have provided me with entertainment, relaxation, study tips, sports activities and parties for the past two years! The College Team have supported me through university life, and the College Tutors have lived amongst me and my friends providing us with support, assistance and opportunities.

Our college home is built up of blocks and individual flats, with spacious rooms and minimalistic design, all circled round our ‘Forum’. The Forum is a space for students, friends, and family: you’ll find games, parties, pool and books to facilitate your needs.

We are a short walk from the closest bar, but close to the Sports Village, the bus stops to Campus West and with our open space inside the College, there is room for BBQs, sports, marshmallow nights and entertainment.

I’ve had so many great opportunities at Constantine and had so much fun running and attending our weekly free food event, ConstanTreat, Forum Parties, and participating in sport.  At Constantine, you will definitely find a new hobby! #PINKARMY