Reflecting on my Erasmus year

While freshers week is underway for many of you, my York email account was deactivated today, paradoxically enough. A new generation is in, and the older one is officially not. All that’s left from my year abroad is now just pictures, memories and a few kilos.

I arrived in York a year ago, and went on to spend the best year of my life in this beautiful town and wonderful university. Being now back at my home university and starting my last year there, the differences between the two towns and universities are more visible than ever, and I miss York terribly. I’ve kept in touch with fellow Erasmus students I met, and we all agreed on some very precise things. What is strange is the fact that nothing has really changed at home. It is an odd feeling settling back in an old routine, and everyday the memories of York get fainter as we grow more used to our new normal, which is really not new at all. We also spend a lot of time talking about York to our friends who have never been there, and try to convince them to give York a chance when applying for Erasmus.

Most of all, we feel jealous of you lucky ones that get to experience for the first time what it’s like to live on your own, meeting your future friends, having fun at freshers week and attending classes. Enjoy and make the most of it!

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Hi! I study Linguistics and English here at York as an Erasmus student from France. I love reading, History, and eating chocolate cookies.

One thought on “Reflecting on my Erasmus year”

  1. I bet you miss york it’s a gorgeous place and I would also feel the same, where is you old town out of curiosity?

    Life is short and you should always cherish them moments because it just passes by fast.

    I’m sure you will make new memories 🙂

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