My Tuesday… On Film!

When I was offered the opportunity to blog (or potentially vlog) about ‘a day in my life’ by the Uni the other week I jumped at the opportunity to share! So here’s my attempt at a vlog of my day!

I should point out that I am a second year computer science student in my second term (so right in the middle of the degree!), and that I opted for more higher level modules in my second year as I’m more interested in those topics as opposed to the possible lower level modules which have you playing around with capacitors, resistors, transistors and lots and lots of C.

In an average week, this year, I have about 20 contact hours which I really love! It not only gives me lots of time to ask any questions I need to with lecturers, supervisors or post-grad assistants, but also helps me keep a good schedule in term time, getting into uni for about the same time daily, doing whatever I need to do in good time, and then still having plenty of time to get on with extra curricular activities after 6:30pm, the latest all uni activities end.

Speaking of extra curricular activities, York has been amazing in terms of my martial arts, Aikido, as it is one of the hubs for it in the UK. Training after uni 1-4 times a week has given me some great friends, lots of time to relax and forget about work, and has provided me with the opportunity to represent the University, competing nationally.

Anyway, hoped you enjoyed watching and reading about how I spend my days at York!