Historical Archaeology via Clearing

So, what actions should you take if you find yourself in Clearing?

Contact your head of Sixth Form

One of the first things to do is to contact your head of Sixth Form. They have experience dealing with students in this situation and will be happy to help.

Contact universities you’ve previously applied to

Some of the advice I was given was to contact universities I had previously applied to as I’d already shown interest in these universities. However, many people going through clearing and adjustment may decide on a completely new university which can work out equally as well.

Look at courses in a related field

Similarly, I was advised to look at courses in a related field to the course I’d applied to. There is lots of information available on department webpages. By looking at different options and modules you can decide whether something interests you. It is important to look at the department pages as you don’t want to rush into something you don’t enjoy.

Don’t panic!

Ultimately, it is important not to panic. Going through clearing or adjustments may alter your plans. However, studying a new subject in a new city will be rewarding regardless of the path you take to get there.

Studying Archaeology at York

Variety of modules

One of the best things about studying Archaeology in first year has been the variety of modules available. Archaeology students studying both BA and BSC degrees follow the same programme. This means that you can develop your interests in the areas that you enjoy as well as learning about things from a completely different perspective. As someone who did all Humanities at A Level, the idea of looking at Archaeology from a scientific perspective seemed initially daunting. However, the lectures and seminars were very accessible because they introduce students to the subject.

Level playing field

As Archaeology is not usually offered as an A Level subject, a lot of people are new to the subject. So as someone going through clearing or adjustment, it is reassuring to realise that other people will feel just as new to the department as you do.

Learning new skills

One of the most difficult parts of first year has been writing academically and for me personally – referencing! As the year has progressed this has become a lot easier. Meeting with my module/seminar leaders for essay feedback has definitely helped in clarifying what has gone well and what hasn’t.

So, to conclude…

For me, going to the Clearing visit day was important. Visiting the city of York and Archaeology department made me realise that York would be a great location to study in because of the history that it is embedded in and how friendly everyone seemed.

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Hi, I'm Fionnuala, a Historical Archaeology student here at York.