My Clearing Story

At A level, I studied English Language, French and Spanish. An interesting BUT challenging combination – I am sure you will agree! I excelled in English Language but the two languages often left me feeling deflated and tongue-tied.

The morning of results day is the WORST – I won’t lie to you!

I had felt quite quietly confident before results day as I knew that I had done my best (Cheese!). However, when I checked UCAS that morning I was left disappointed after being rejected by my first choice.

My school were super supportive and reassured me that my results were great – an A at A level isn’t bad at all! I knew I wanted to go to uni as opposed to taking a gap year or doing another vocational course so to get the ball rolling, we contacted other universities that offered similar courses. I knew I needed to be flexible and just forget about that first choice. Once I adopted this mindset, it was actually absolutely fine! There were a few tears before though and that is also FINE.

I was surprised by just how easy it was to talk to universities

Even if they couldn’t offer me a place, they referred me to somewhere that perhaps could. If I remember rightly, the University of York was my third call. It was a long shot – I admit. The entry requirements were a lot higher than the grades I’d received but I really did have nothing to lose and funnily enough I gained a lot!

I chose York because the course was just so interesting and mirrored that of my first choice.

I had never expected to get into another Russell Group having been rejected by one BUT look at me now! And YOU could be the same – just because you weren’t quite right for one, does not mean that the same will apply for another. York is also only an hour away from Newcastle, where I live, which swayed it for me as I knew I could expect a lot of visitors. And also, the city is just absolutely gorgeous!

My top tips are:

Stay calm

I know it is so easy to say that but it honestly does help if you are wailing down the phone. I truly do believe that it all worked out for the best, even if I didn’t think it at the time.

Be flexible

You may have to change a part of your course or even the whole course but there are so many exciting options out there that I didn’t even know existed until I was in this position.

And finally, be positive!

Your results are probably great and you have completed the hardest two years of your life thus far and that is something to be proud of.

If I could give myself one piece of advice…

… It would be to remember that going through clearing isn’t necessarily bad. It’s simply just another route in! It doesn’t matter how you get there once you are there. You will have a great time wherever you end up and it’s about making the choice that is best for you.

Good luck,

G x

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Hi! I am a second year studying English Language and Linguistics at the University of York. UOY operates a collegiate system and I am a member of Derwent. My interests include; writing, exercising and socialising!