A day in the life of an Archaeology student

Hi there!

I’m Amy, I started a BA in Archaeology and Heritage in October and I’m loving it!

The staff are so enthusiastic and happy to help, and my course-mates are lovely. There really is something for everyone on this course from the depths of the paleolithic right up to today: if you’re interested in something they’ll be someone else who wants to help feed that passion. First year here is great, you get to try out a little bit of everything, you could end up rekindling an old love for something or discovering something totally new, everyday is different.

You probably haven’t done much in the way of archaeology before, most people haven’t when they come to York, so I made a game for you to discover what a day in the life of an Archaeology student is like. Just watch the video and select your answer from the options in the description. Have fun!

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Hi, I’m Amy and I’m originally from Gateshead (near Newcastle) but moved to York to do an Archaeology and Heritage degree. I’m in my first year and I’m in Alcuin College.