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My tech management consultancy placement

Hi, I’m Sarah and I have been working at Reply since July 2018. Reply is a tech management consultancy that focuses on Digital Transformation. Reply is made up of a network of smaller companies that specialise in different areas. My role is to do the graduate recruitment for the companies in the UK. I have had a variety of responsibilities from going along to career events to sourcing and hiring graduates.

I’ve really enjoyed the level of responsibility that I have been given. The whole perception that being an intern means making tea and coffee is definitely not what I have been doing! I have worked with so many different people internally and externally. The responsibility to lead graduate recruitment has opened so many doors.

I got the chance to attend a career fair in Milan. I would never have thought I’d get the chance to visit places in the UK let alone abroad. It was great seeing another city and meeting colleagues from Italy. It was probably the most intense 24 hours of my life, but it was a great experience!

New city, new job

I think everyone should get exposure to working in a company for a year. You learn so much and it is invaluable experience.

Doing this placement has opened my eyes to many different career paths. I have been exposed to consultancy as well as events management so this is where I would see my career going as a graduate. It has also made me more knowledgeable about the working world and I feel a lot more confident about getting a graduate job.

I have learnt so much about the industry and myself. Moving to a new city and starting a new job has made me become so independent, responsible and mature.

The main thing I have learnt is to be resilient. Even though times can get demanding and things change, if you are passionate about completing something you can do it!

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I am a third year Business and Management student, currently on placement at Reply Ltd, a tech management consultancy. I'm having a really good time and learning a lot about the industry!