My top tips for preparing for results day

There’s no denying it, results day can be daunting. You could be the most confident person in the world that you’ve done well in your exams and still, in the run-up, doubt everything you wrote in your exams and think about all the things you could’ve messed up.

The bottom line is, after you’ve finished your exams, your results aren’t something you have control over. But what you can have control over is preparing for results day.

My top tip for preparing for results day is, quite simply, to prepare.

For a while, I was too scared to acknowledge that results day was even going to happen. The summer after A Levels is often the best yet. For me, I’d stayed with my best friend in Kenya. I was working to save up for university and was generally enjoying post-exam freedom. I did all I could to move any results day thoughts to the back of my mind.

Compile a list of alternative unis and course

However, I soon realised that whilst I was hoping for the best, I should probably at least prepare for the worst.

I began compiling a list of other universities and courses that I liked the sound, in case results day didn’t go my way. A lot of the time, universities that anticipate having spaces available in clearing have emails you can sign up to with priority phone line numbers and information regarding the university and courses you may be interested in.

Having a range of options lined up (including a list of admissions phone numbers!) with different grade requirements meant I felt prepared for every eventuality. I knew that, no matter what results day held, I had a plan and course of action lined up.

I know school friends who went through clearing and had to make decisions to go to universities they had spent barely half an hour looking at online after receiving their results. Preparing, by having a list of universities and courses you know you like the sound of, before results day, will give you peace of mind and mean results day is no more stressful than it has to be.

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