My Freshers’ Week experience

On your first day, I would expect a lot of waiting around! You’ll probably have to wait for your Freshers’ packs and for your student card. And eventually, you’ll be waiting for whoever dropped you off to leave so you can begin to get to know your new flatmates! There’s a lot of admin involved … Continue reading My Freshers’ Week experience

Helping you prepare for uni life

Starting to prepare for uni doesn’t have to mean reading, studying and getting ready for more advanced academic work. Of course, making your way through any reading lists, required pre-uni work, or even just researching some topics related to your course, is important. But university life is more than academia, and so your preparation needs … Continue reading Helping you prepare for uni life

My top tips for preparing for results day

There’s no denying it, results day can be daunting. You could be the most confident person in the world that you’ve done well in your exams and still, in the run-up, doubt everything you wrote in your exams and think about all the things you could’ve messed up. The bottom line is, after you’ve finished … Continue reading My top tips for preparing for results day

I got in! My results day experience

Hi! My name’s Morgan and I’m a 2nd Year Biology student. Here’s my results day story: I ended up being on holiday for results day – both fortunately and unfortunately! Realising that I wasn’t going to be in the same country as my school, the universities I might have to talk to and my friends, … Continue reading I got in! My results day experience