Why I chose York: colleges, city, course

The college system

I really liked the idea of York’s collegiate system. Having your first-year halls being more than just a place to live, but also giving you a further sense of identity and family, seemed really comforting to me.

Now that I’m here, I appreciate the collegiate system even more. Being part of a college has enabled me to participate in sport on a more casual basis than playing at university level. I’ve also become a member of my college committee. Colleges always provide an initial basis for conversation with other students.

The city

I also partly chose York because of the city. Coming from the south, London seemed like the natural city to apply to universities in, as many of my friends did. But, for me, it was a little too big, and a little too busy.

Looking around the city after attending an open day enabled me to gauge that York seemed just the right size. Big enough for there to be plenty to do, but small enough that it wasn’t intimidating or felt too busy.

Having been in York now for two years, the former is certainly true. There is always something going on in the city centre, and this is something I love about York! There’s a different festival or event practically every week of the year, which means there’s always something new to do to take a break from work and relax with friends.

The course

Lastly, York was a really great option when considering the course I was applying for: Biology. Consistently being highly ranked in the country was important for me, as well as the course being accredited by the Royal Society of Biology. These two aspects set York apart from many of the other universities I was looking at.

I also thought a lot of the modules sounded interesting and would enable me to study a great breadth of topics. The option to take a placement year, year in industry, or study abroad, is really flexible at York. It’s so easy to switch on to, or off, these programme modifications. Choosing to take a placement year between my second and third year confirmed this to me and I hope will be a great addition to my degree.

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Hi, my name's Morgan and I'm a 2nd Year Biology student at York.