Why I Chose York

York is such a wonderful place to be. I love both the city and the university campus for so many reasons. Both have such a warmth about them, and so in today’s post, I wanted to let you know a few of the reasons I decided to attend the University of York (and also give you a couple of my top recommendations of places in the city).

Standing in front of York Minster


For my first year at university, I always knew I wanted to commute. This felt like a much easier transition for me into university life. Whilst I have now moved closer to university in my second year, for my first-year commuting was the right choice for me and a decision I am really glad I made.

This takes me to the first reason I chose York – it was a perfect distance for a commute. It meant that I could drive to uni each day and feel comfortable and familiar with where I was – which was so important and great for me in my first year.

The City

As I have mentioned, I was a commuting student first year, and so I live not too far away from York. I have grown up in this city and it is one of my all-time favourite places to be. From gorgeous architecture to a rich history, and so many places to go for a lovely meal or to grab a coffee.

York is such a beautiful city and there is so much to explore. I would definitely recommend that anyone starting at the university takes it as a chance to discover the wonderful city.

Places to eat and drink

A few of my top restaurant suggestions are; Lucias, Totos and Gustos. They are all delicious Italian restaurants with such lovely vibes inside. Lucias is a particular favourite of mine because you can sit outside under heat-lamps with blankets on, which creates such a lovely environment to have an evening out.

Another top recommendation of mine is Dyl’s – it is a gorgeous restaurant and a lovely place to have a drink. Dyl’s is right on the riverside and is one of my favourite places. There are fairy lights in the evening and blankets to hand which creates such a warm and pretty atmosphere. It is for sure one of my favourite places to go in the city.

York at Christmas

There is also so much happening in the city during term-time. One thing I would definitely recommend during your first term is that you head into the city to see the Christmas lights and walk around the Christmas market. Christmas in York is so special and magical, and so I would 100% recommend that you go into the city as much as possible throughout Christmas time.

York is for sure one of my favourite places to be. The city is beautiful and always has a warm atmosphere. There are so many wonderful places to explore.

The Campus

The first time I came to properly look around the campus before I started, I fell in love with it! It has nature everywhere you turn (which always makes me feel good) and everything is within walking distance.

Whether you are going to a lecture, grabbing a cup of coffee or heading to the library, nothing is too far away – which I love. The campus feels like a real hub of the university and hosts so many fun things across the year – whether it be vintage clothing stalls, house plant sales or firework displays at the Roses event.

The campus is also a really great place to go for a walk, which is such a lovely thing to do at university, especially between lectures or when you fancy getting a bit of fresh air. The Quiet Place is one of my particular favourite places on campus – it is a such a calming place to spend your time.

I also have my own blog, and so I am always looking for new places to write a blog post. One of my favourite places to write is the costa café in the Roger Kirk Centre as well as The Kitchen café by the library. Both are really nice places to spend an hour having a cup of tea and getting creative with writing.

As you can tell, I am a big fan of York – both the city and the university campus. York is a really wonderful place, and I would recommend both the university and the city to anyone reading this post.

Eve Martha

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Hello, my name is Eve and I am currently a second year Sociology student at the University of York. I was a commuting student in my first year, and now live closer to the university in my second. I also love to write and get creative - I have my own blog and YouTube channel where I discuss lots of different topics including university.