Five things look forward to about Midwifery at York


One of the best things about Midwifery at York is that, within a few weeks, you are out on placement putting theory into practice. You’ll be testing urine for protein and infection markers, checking blood pressure, learning how to work out a baby’s positions in the uterus and learning how to listen to the fetal heart. Who knows, you could even be at your first birth! Throughout the course you’ll work at two different trusts. This may include urban and rural environments. You’ll even get a chance to undertake an elective placement anywhere in the world, from bustling units in London to tiny non-profit hospitals in Nepal (like me!)

“Within a few weeks you’ll be learning how to listen to the fetal heart”

Clinical Simulation Unit

Before you go anywhere you’ll get the opportunity to practice your new found skills. In the Clinical Simulation Unit (CSU), you can learn skills in a simulated environment. This includes everything from examinations of the cervix, venepuncture, blood pressure, palpation and even neonatal resuscitation. It’s a safe place to learn and develop your skills and to make mistakes before going out into the real (and truthfully, sometimes scary) world of placement.

Close network of friends

I mentioned this in my last blog post, but it is so important. At York, the cohort is small. You will meet some amazing friends for life and will form a close network of supportive people for the rest of your career. This extends to the academic team at the university; they’re an incredible support to you if and when you need them. Studying Midwifery is not like a normal degree. You will see things that your friends from home can’t even imagine. Cultivating a good group of supportive people is so important, and at York it is so easy. There’s so many fun things to do on campus too, including sports facilities, comedy performances and other events.

Passionate teachers


The Midwifery curriculum at York is challenging but inspiring. You’ll learn some of the most amazing information from teachers who are incredibly passionate about what they teach. They aim to teach you the most up to date information at the forefront of modern midwifery practice. It’s an exciting time in midwifery and UoY have really embraced this. They not only teach us the most up to date science, anatomy, physiology, medical intervention and hands on skills, but also the art of midwifery, an important but sometimes forgotten element.

“They aim to teach you the most up to date information at the forefront of modern midwifery practice”

Fantastic facilities

For us Midwifery students who spend really jam-packed weeks at university, there are some brilliant facilities. There are cosy spaces to sit on breaks, cold water fountains, hot water to have BYO tea and coffee, microwaves for hot lunches on long winter days and plenty of spaces in the library to get together to study when needed.

Overall, studying Midwifery at York is an amazing experience.

The atmosphere is exciting, you will learn new skills and practice them almost immediately. The environment is supportive, something that is incredibly valuable on a challenging course such as this. I love the city of York and the university, and I am so glad I study here. I undertook my previous degree in York, have stayed here for five years so far and I can’t imagine leaving now. My passion for midwifery has only grown during my time here. I am excited to carry on learning this incredible profession and there is so much for you guys to look forward to!

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Hi I’m Sam. I’m 24 and I’m a second year Student Midwife at York. Before this I completed a Psychology degree and then worked as a healthcare assistant for a year on a medical ward. Finally, I took the plunge and followed my heart to midwifery. I love all dogs, my feral kitten Meeko and cycling through York on my rusty bicycle.

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