Okay, so you’re thinking about doing Maths at York. The course has changed a bit from the one I’m doing but a lot of the content is the same 🙂 For me, I had five courses in my first year: Intro To Stats in first term, Real Analysis and Intro To Applied in second, and … Continue reading Maths.

I’m addicted to coffee… and in about 10 months you will be too

University can be stressful. I’d say it’s 10% stress and around 90% fun. Nights out = Fun Lectures = Fun (Mostly…) Exams = Lol, nope. Exams are the root of all evil, but that doesn’t mean we can get away with not doing them. I’ve just sat my third set of university exams, we have … Continue reading I’m addicted to coffee… and in about 10 months you will be too


Hello! I’d like to take some time in this post to talk about societies. During high school and sixth form I’d never really been part of a “club”. I did guitar lessons and used the gym, but I never did things as part of a team. I was your stereotypical un-sporty, maths geek type that … Continue reading Societies

How to uni…

University is scary. The department you become part of will be bigger than your current year group. No ones forcing you to do any work, but if you don’t, it’s on your back. You’ll go from being a big fish in a small pond to a big fish in the Atlantic ocean… …and all the other … Continue reading How to uni…