I’m addicted to coffee… and in about 10 months you will be too

University can be stressful. I’d say it’s 10% stress and around 90% fun.

  • Nights out = Fun
  • Lectures = Fun (Mostly…)
  • Exams = Lol, nope.

Exams are the root of all evil, but that doesn’t mean we can get away with not doing them. I’ve just sat my third set of university exams, we have them in January as well as Summer, and as per I hated them! But you’ve got lucky! After taking these past few sets I’ve come up with a few tips and ticks to help you through…

1. Start drinking coffee mid November

You’ll hear a lot of stuff from a lot of people about how “Caffeine’s so bad for you…” , “You shouldn’t drink that much coffee!”, “Any addiction is a bad addiction!”. And to these people I say, you try to do Riemann Integration at 2 in the morning without it! Coffee is an acquired taste, and you will probably need it come revision, so it’s best to try to get used to black coffee early on (that saves you having to take milk to the library…). There’s a hot water tap in the library, so you can just take your own cup and you’re good to go.

 2. Eat healthily

This one can take a lot of work. At the beginning of uni, I’ll be surprised if you don’t spend at least one week living off only Super Noodles. BUT! It’s so so so sooooo essential to eat well around exams! I only learnt this in the last few months but it has helped so much. Have something high protein for breakfast – I had smoked salmon and eggs. Then have a light but carby lunch, something like wholewheat pasta salad, and finally for dinner a nice oily fish really helps with studying (salmon was my preferred choice). Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free, whatever!! Just eat well during exams – it makes all the difference.

3. Make time for other things

Exams are important, but your sanity is more important. You can go two ways at uni. You either go full rainman and never see anyone, never go out and never have any fun. Or, you store your lecture notes in the ever reliable rubbish bin filing cabinet and don’t take them out until two o’clock in the morning the day of your exam. Strike a healthy balance. One night out a week, maybe with a few drinking nights in, is enough strain for you and your bank account! If you can manage to go to lectures, work hard and still have lots of fun, you’re in the perfect position.

I’m not going to keep droning on and on, and do the cliche “Top 10! 🙂 XD LOL” rubbish most websites do. But I promise you, if you follow this advice you will survive and maybe, just maybe, even enjoy your exam period a little bit. If only because you can laugh at your housemates stressing out… 😉

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Hi :) I'm a second year MMath student at York and originally from Leeds! I'm quite involved with the Maths Society and am currently on the committee as Press and Publicity Officer. In my spare time I like to play guitar, go to the gym and mess about with programming. In the future, I'm hoping to go into investment banking and travel the world a bit through that!