Electric Amsterdam

My holiday to Amsterdam was absolutely amazing, I can’t believe I hadn’t gone there before especially with the flight only taking an hour, the train to Manchester airport took longer. The city is absolutely beautiful, which is actually quite dangerous when you have to navigate the roads filled with a million and one bicycles plus … Continue reading Electric Amsterdam

Spring Term so far

Spring term is now well under way, I should be getting exam results any day now and I am a little bit tense for it. Work wise, the bulk of this term has been learning VHDL in the Further Digital Electronics module. VHDL is a hardware description language used for designing digital circuits. I’m finding … Continue reading Spring Term so far

Wading Through a Winter Waterland

Well exams are finally over! I hope my time at university doesn’t give me a lasting association of Christmas with revision. But I have the weekend to relax now. I have to say that this festive period wasn’t improved by the fear of flooding, before I went away the river had already burst its banks, … Continue reading Wading Through a Winter Waterland

First Impressions of a Second Year

Well week 8 has come to a close, last year this term seemed like an age, now university life just seems to be going faster and faster. I blinked and two months had shot by. It’s almost like the summer break never happened, once I stepped foot back in the lecture hall it was straight … Continue reading First Impressions of a Second Year