Time for a Holiday

The spring term has come to an end and I am so ready for a nice relaxing holiday, though obviously not without some prep for the summer exams.

I just handed in my last assignment for this term which was a digital circuit designed in VHDL to perform matrix multiplication. I actually found the assignment really enjoyable; it was so satisfying to see all of what I’d learned about VHDL come together in a project that may have applications in industry. It makes me feel like I’m making a lot of progress.

I had my module choices confirmed last week, I wasn’t sure about what to pick for my last module I had already settled on ‘modern and digital control’ for in the autumn term and ‘neural networks’ and ‘analogue and digital filters’ for during the spring and summer terms. In the end I settled on ‘flight control’ as I have enjoyed control engineering this year, I felt it would be worth taking even if I have no career plans related to aeronautical engineering, a good part of picking modules is choosing areas you think you’ll find fun.

As it is now officially the holidays I am off to Amsterdam tomorrow with some of my old housemates. I am so exited I haven’t been on holiday in years. I’m even looking forward to the crippling 4am wake up just out of nostalgia of what it was like going on holiday when I was little. Hopefully the weather won’t be too cold.

Speaking of cold weather I snapped a photo of a lonely looking spring term snowman while walking through Walmgate Stray after a very brief flurry of snow. Whoever made it clearly has the right attitude towards winter.


On a side note, I can’t believe I only just noticed that there isn’t a single day of spring in the spring term, there must be a reason they don’t want a winter term, maybe students work better when fooled by the prospect of sun and flowers blooming. It’s no wonder why I always feel the seasons should change sooner than they do. If I was given the power that certainly would be something I would change, along with adding a 13th month, but that’s another story.

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