The Brilliant Club PhD researcher opportunity

The Brilliant Club offers an opportunity for PhD researchers to have a sustained and meaningful impact on school pupils who have been unfairly disadvantaged by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Brilliant Club works with PhD students and PhD graduates specifically, and are currently recruiting tutors to start work from April onwards to work on their curriculum focused Brilliant Tutoring Programme, addressing gaps in pupil learning and rebuilding their confidence. Tutors must be able to teach English, Maths or the Sciences.   

As well as contributing to this national effort to support young people, tutoring with The Brilliant Club allows researchers to access high quality pedagogical training, gain valuable teaching experience, and earn £500 per placement.

Find out more and apply for the role

The Brilliant Club are also accepting applications for researchers to share their subject expertise, across all disciplines, through tutoring on The Scholars Programme next academic year.  

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