Survey – Impact of Covid on PGRs

Since Spring 2020, many educational programmes have had to be offered on-line or with hybrid delivery, due to COVID-19. This change has affected the way we undertake our activities and deliver our services. New learning structures and support were designed and offered to enable the learning process of PhD students. Also, education and services offered to or by you, as well as research design and implementation processes to work on dissertations, sometimes needed to be changed. We are well aware that this led to difficult situations and new challenges faced by PhD students and their supervisors.

To capture and explore these changes, a survey is being carried out to determine whether (and if so, how) the supervisory relationships and mentoring practices of doctoral students have been altered in response to the pandemic. More specifically, the proposed research intends to discover which practices have contributed to individual resilience in PhD students, or even led to excelling in the face of structurally disadvantaged educational settings.

This survey is being carried out by our colleagues at Maastricht University, and will allow them to explore new, potentially innovative, ways of supervision and mentoring practices which can serve as best practices not only during the periods of emergency measures, but also facilitate lesson-learning beyond the pandemic period. For more information, please review this website:

If you are interested in sharing your experiences, please fill out the survey.

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