5 Reasons I Chose York

1. The Course

The main reason I chose to study at the University of York was, by far, the course. The BSc in Film and Television Production offers both the chance to look at the disciplines as distinct areas of academic study, but also through practical work on a variety of projects and writing. All of the tutors are either at the forefront of their chosen fields of media study, or are working professionals in the film and television industries. The department has incredible facilities and we have a lot more contact hours compared to other courses. These things were all very important to me when choosing where to study, and York had by far the best programme for my undergraduate degree.

2. Student Media

Another reason I chose York was because of its reputation for, and quality of, its student media. There are a variety of different student publications (from newspapers to zines to print satires) which are produced and edited on campus, as well as student-run television and radio stations. This month I even had the opportunity to photograph the legendary fashion mogul, Anna Wintour, at The Northern Youth Fashion Show hosted by the student-run HARD magazine.

Anna Wintour at the The Northern Youth Fashion Show on 29 January 2016

3. The City

With its rich heritage and beautiful buildings (including the Minster and Clifford’s Tower), it is very easy to see why the city of York is such a tourist hot spot. Though it may be one of the smaller cities in England, there are a lot of cultural activities being hosted here (it feels like there’s different festival each week, including Illuminating York, York Food & Drink Festival, York Minster Mystery Plays and even the Jorvik Viking Festival!), as well as a variety of different museums, restaurants and cafes to explore. They say there are more pubs in York than days of the year and YUSU holds club nights for every day of the week: in short, as a student in York, you’re never short of something to do.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 23.46.52
York Minster

4. College System

Another reason I chose York was because of the collegiate system. If you’re a student at the University, it automatically means you’re a member of one of the nine colleges (Alcuin, Constantine, Langwith, Goodricke, Halifax, Wentworth, James, Derwent and Vanburgh). You’re not only represented and supported by the university-wide students’ union, YUSU, but also your college’s JCRC (Junior Common Room Committee) or CSA (College Student Association). This means that there are numerous opportunities to get involved in student politics and take a key role in campus life, but as the colleges also host their own events (from nights out in York to trips to other cities), it also means that there’s more activities for everyone to be involved with.

5. Links to London

This one is rather more personal, but as someone who does a lot of work in London, York’s transport links to the big smoke were a big plus for me. Trains to/from King’s Cross are only a two hour journey so I’ve found it easy to zip up and down the country throughout the term.

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