Results, Football and Something to think about…

One of the things I like about the people on my course this year is our Facebook group we have, particularly when somebody notifies everyone the marks for a module are out. While this is very useful, you can imagine how terrifying it can be.

If you’ve done your research on the computer science course at York you will know that first year marks don’t contribute to your final grade, (but they are on your transcript and are very useful, I’ll explain this later), meaning these are my first round of results that contribute to what I’ll leave university with. This is obviously a very big deal! So waiting for these results was slightly more terrifying than other so far, but luckily the batch of results that came back so far was what I wanted and reading the feedback from lecturers on the results made me feel even better about what I had achieved, so it’s been a good few days.

Games with floodlights always look better
Games with floodlights always look better

Now, everyone at university needs a break from the stress of exams and coursework, for me one form of stress relief is playing college football for Halifax College. We train on a Tuesday evening at the York Sports Centre on the 3G and play games on Wednesday. This is always great fun and also a good way to keep fit and active throughout the year. I also find that joining sport teams are one of the best ways to keep socially active and meet people on other courses. I have made plenty of friends on loads of different courses ranging from Economics to Politics to Biology. This is good when you want to clear any course stress that you may have.

Quite An Interesting Drink


While you enjoy the nightlife that York has to offer, you begin to realise that you can also take advantage of York’s great location and start taking the train to enjoy other cities nearby. There are plenty of destinations available from York station if you fancy trying another place for a night out or even if you want to see more places during the weekend for a day out, including Leeds, Newcastle and Manchester.



Now before I leave this blog post I quickly want to clear up what I said above about first year grades. When you start university you’re told your first year grades will not count to your final mark. Some people now think, ‘lets just get a pass this year then and party all year’. This should not be the attitude: first year marks are key to getting a year in industry through internships and for computer science courses, this is what the companies are basing you on. So when you arrive here, enjoy the first year experience, but remember to still strive to achieve your best, you’ll thank yourself when applying for a year in industry in the second year.

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