Easter Vacation Begins… Kind of…

Now that term two is over, this is the time students normally go home, see friends and family and start the revision for final exams there, but I’ve decided this year to stay here in York and get all my revision done.

IMG_1927The main difference to being at the university during the Easter break is the emptiness, well compared to term time, it feels empty. Going to the library now there is always a spare table that you can work on all day and for me that helps for maximum efficiency for revising for these exams. Another place which feels quite empty is the Computer Science Department itself. When going into the department the computer suites only have a few others who had the same idea as me, but the great help is that most of the lecturers are still here, which means I have more chance to get help with anything I don’t understand, and the lecturers are always open to help while there free.

Another big difference that you will notice is the nightlife. Student nights are no longer going on during the Easter break, this is quite an obvious thing to happen due to the lack of students at university at this time, but it does make you explore more options within York for night outs with any friends who decided to stay along too. Normally this leaves you going to a couple more bars and club nights with the locals, meaning more expensive drinks and no student deals but I guess there won’t be as many night outs during the Easter break because the main focus is to study and make sure I’m 100% ready for the exams that are ahead.

But don’t think that the university itself forgets that some students stay here on campus during the vacation period, the university promotes events within colleges so that if you don’t feel like studying during the day, you have something to do. Since this is the Easter holidays, the events are orientated around this period, such as s St. Patrick’s Day party, Easter egg decorating, movies nights etc.

So whether your staying at university to study more or you just feel like staying here, there is always plenty to do and the whole time here doesn’t have to be spent studying and stressing about final exams.

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I'm a second year Computer Scientist at the University Of York.