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If you have been keeping up to date with my blogs, you will know that I chose to stay in York for the Easter holidays instead of going home. This has been very productive and I got to appreciate the peace and quiet of the University.

Empty and Quiet Fairhurst Building
Empty and Quiet Fairhurst Building

As I said before, the main reason for staying at university over the break period was to study, hence most of my time here has been spent at the library. While doing this I got to explore more of the library spaces and had a lot more freedom about where I sat. Normally I would study in the JB Morrell building but over the break period I became more fond of the Fairhurst building, with all the comfy chairs, iMacs and more whiteboards. I found this library to be more relaxing too with it being quite spacious. If you have it to yourself, you can use the style of tables shown in the picture to make your own table to suit what you are doing or how you like your layout.

Campus East
Campus East

Another great thing about being in York at this time of the year is the sunrise and the overwhelming choice of jogging paths in the morning. Wherever you decide to go for a morning jog you can always be greeted with great views such as the one in the picture shown on the left. These routes can be in Campus East as shown, across Campus West over the bridges, through spots like the Quiet Place and around the lake. You could even go for a jog through the city and around the River Ouse to get even more great views to help push you through your morning workout.

As final exams are approaching soon, this is the time to make sure that you understood everything you learnt in terms one and two. This will give you time to ask any professors, PTA’s (postgraduate teaching assistants) or even friends for help in term three so that when the exams do come, you are prepared and can get the grades you are aiming for. If your A-Levels or IB exams are soon approaching, I wish you the best of luck and hope that you reach your goal of joining the University of York

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