Revision, Revision… Results!!


So, by now, York will (of course) be your first choice… and you’re starting to think “but it’s so amazingly perfect I don’t want to go anywhere else, what if I don’t get in?!”


Firstly… Getting worked up about whether or not you’ll get into York will only put more pressure on your revision and won’t help with your mental state going into exams (I should know being a Psychology student!)

Secondly… It’s not quite the end of the world if you don’t reach the offer to get in this time around. There’s always next year, and in the mean time you can get a job, raise some money and gather some invaluable work experience for a year to improve your application!

Results Day!

Yes, results day will be one of the most terrifying build ups of your life.

BUT, as long as you have worked hard in your exams and put in all of your efforts, then you have nothing to worry about. Because whether you quite get the grades you wanted or not, you know you have worked hard. So be proud of yourself!

And don’t forget to check with the University even if UCAS says you haven’t got in – the Psychology department commonly take students in who have dropped a grade or two, because they are hard workers; so it’s always worth a phone call!

So, my top pointers…

  • Stay as calm as possible!
  • Work hard
  • Remember, York will still be here next year!
  • Don’t give up, ask the Uni for a chance.
  • And most importantly… be proud of yourself.

Your results are an achievement even if they aren’t exactly what you wanted.

And as always, keep smiling…

Katie x


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I am currently in my final year studying Psychology at the University of York. In my spare time I like to watch musical theatre and enjoy socialising with friends and family.