Here’s why studying economics is your ticket to success

So you think you want to study economics? Contrary to popular belief, economics is not just looking at graphs and analysing statistics – it’s a actually a very rich and diverse subject! I give you five reasons why economics is “da bomb”, and how it could change your life!

1. Awareness of current issues

Current affairs never really interested me (gasp!) until I started studying economics. It was partly a lack of understanding, and partly a lack of exposure. Studying economics really pushed my limits in  that respect; not only was I encouraged to inform myself on what the world was up to, it also improved my ability to relate the content we study to real-world policy decision and I started forming my own opinions. It is always the right time to start studying economics – international relations will never not exist, and I am much more confident reading the news now than I ever was before!

But even if you already take an interest in current affairs and you actually read The Economist (why is it always the first thing people mention when you’re wondering how to do well in economics?!), choosing this degree will give you a much, much deeper understanding of the implications of economic decision-making, and make you a better citizen.

2. Development of a balanced skill set

So, either you’re thinking ‘I want to, but I just can’t stand the maths’ or you’re thinking ‘I want to, but I just can’t stand the essay-writing’. Sorry to break the news; both are important. But you know what? They’re way more manageable when they work hand-in-hand. Trust me, before uni, integrations and matrices seemed like the biggest waste of time to me. What I didn’t understand was that those techniques are the building blocks for your understanding and ultimately, your success. Once you have a grasp of those basic mechanisms, you start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and it all starts making sense! And when you bring in the intuition and words to confirm what the maths has proven, you’ve figured out what economics is all about. Learning how to link theory to practice is an invaluable skill which you will carry with you for the rest of your life, and once you realise how powerful that skill set is, you’ll be unstoppable!

3. It’s adaptable and flexible 

Another juicy secret of mine: the reason why I chose to study economics is simply because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I’m creative, analytical and very practical. Well, turns out I made the right decision! Economics as an undergraduate subject is popular for that reason; anyone can join in, whatever your strengths are, it’ll allow you to develop them. You are free to go down the path which interests you the most, and most importantly, you’re allowed to change your mind. If finance doesn’t really float your boat, there are so many other paths you can go down.

4. Opportunities!

As I already mentioned, economics is a popular subject. And because it’s a popular subject, your department can go the extra mile to provide opportunities alongside your studies. Over the past two years, my inbox has been bombarded with the most exciting opportunities to get stuck into; from workshops to fundraising, there is a chance for you to really make use of your full potential. You’ll have a great time, learn something useful, and have something to replace your boring summer job from four years ago with on your CV.

5. Creditsssss

You can’t really talk about studying economics and not speak about money. There’s no shame in wanting to pursue a degree which will generate a decent return on the expensive investment that is university. Whatever I do, I know that economics is a solid, flexible and respected degree – it gives me the confidence to experiment with different career options, because my skill set enables it! A lot of graduates end up embarking on graduate schemes, which often offer very desirable packages and a really, really good start to your working life. So if monetary prospects are your motivation, economics is a sound choice.

Convinced yet? Let me know your thoughts and questions down below!

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Hi there! I'm Elise and I'm a second year on the Economics and Finance course at the University of York. I love food, Pinterest and Halloween amongst many other things.