Top Tips to Coping With Stress

Stress and university work seem to go hand in hand. Don’t get me wrong, stress can be a good thing, motivating you to excel at work. However, often stress can overwhelm us students, causing more bad than good. But don’t threat! Here are my top tips to coping with stress, to ensure it doesn’t become a problem!

1. Exercise and Eat Healthy!

Don’t be put off by the word ‘exercise’ here, I don’t expect you to be running marathons or be doing hundreds of squats in the gym if that’s not your thing! However doing some light exercise will do wonders for you mood and concentration. Taking walks or jogs around the beautiful campus is a good place to start, or even joining two of the gyms that are on campus, or dragging your friends along to some of the York Active classes, which are super cheap and fun!

York Active class timetable 2017
York Active class timetable 2017

Binging on takeaways and all those revision food snacks will leave you feeling groggy, instead grab an apple, drink plenty of water, all of which will leave you feeling happier and more motivated to handle the stress and university work!

2. Get Organised 

When you begin to feel overwhelmed with work and stress, stop immediately and create a plan. Get a diary, create your own timetable or spreadsheet, whatever works for you and spread all your work over the days. By making a work plan you will able you to see clearly your deadlines, and will allow you to plan study sessions in advance, rather than rushing to do all your work at the last minute, leading to x10 more stress. Heading to the library and having study sessions with friends will create positive vibes while getting work done, WIN WIN. You can book out large study rooms equipped with a large screen and whiteboards which can be booked through the library website.

Create a to-do list for each assignment to ensure you don’t miss anything important. Checking out the Paperchase website or visiting the store in York will certainly get you inspired (biased yes as I work there, but trust me on this!), and 10% student discount!

3. Me Time

Its important to balance university work and your social life, so by following the tip above of being organised will ensure that you schedule in some time for you to relax and do things that make you happyIMG_0396! Join societies, have a nice meal with your friends, go see that film you have been wanting to see! The York Student Cinema shows all the latest best films right on campus, for a very cheap and fun evening!






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I am a third year Archaeology and Heritage student at the University of York. Currently volunteering with organisations such as the York Archaeological Trust, and participating in a volunteering project with East African Playgrounds with schools in Uganda. I am also the PR representative for the Archaeology society (Arch Soc).