Vanbrugh College

The friendly community within Vanbrugh provided such a sense of comfort and joy during my first year of Uni. Regular events such as Jazz night, and the intimacy of places like the Warren, encouraged me to get to know people far quicker than I could have possibly expected. Being nearby to so many people, and seeing them around so frequently, made me feel so welcomed into the University as there was always a friendly face around. The college tutors were all so amazing and helped provide a sense of comfort and reassurance. Even the bartenders at V-bar and the kitchen staff at the catering halls have become welcome additions in my life. This community was so crucial in making me feel at home within my first year, and is something I will always value.

Being one of the central colleges was definitely appreciated as well! I could get to my lectures quickly, go see friends in other colleges easily and get to the college bar, or to dinner, within 5 minutes. Being so close to so much of the university encouraged me to be far more proactive within my 1st year than if I had lived in a college that was more detached from the university’s centre. I loved the feeling of being by the centre of the university, surrounded by so many different possibilities and events, and would certainly recommend Vanbrugh to my friends.