Wentworth College

I came to the University of York in 2016 as a postgraduate student. The College system was completely new to me but after doing some research, becoming a member of Wentworth College was the obvious choice. Situated on Campus West, Wentworth College is the only college on campus that caters solely to postgraduate students; and as a result, all the events are tailored to meet the needs of postgraduate students.

Living off campus, I wasn’t sure how involved I would be in college life, but being part of an inclusive postgraduate community has been hugely beneficial. I have been able to meet other likeminded postgraduate students and attend a variety of events including: mindfulness colouring, networking, writing your thesis and stress busting with guide dogs and puppies to name a few!

Wentworth College recognises the importance in enhancing your skills as a postgraduate student and subsequently launched the ‘Work in Progress’ seminar series to enable students to develop their presentation skills in a relaxed and friendly environment. Many of the events are student-led and there is even funding available for students to organise their own events for the enjoyment of the College.

It has been great to get some respite and use the facilities at Wentworth in between lectures and going to the library. The Edge café in Wentworth is a great place to have lunch with other postgraduate students, and is often used to host evening events during the year. Wentworth boasts of an impressive games room and welcomes members to make use of the Graduate Common Room, which is a great place to study and even has a cosy reading corner. I would highly recommend students joining the Graduate Common Room Committee. This is a great chance to represent the student body at Wentworth, have a say in how the College is run and organise events (also looks good on your CV).

I cannot recommend Wentworth College enough if you are a postgraduate student. I have made a great network of friends through Wentworth, and know I can seek support from my College if I have any problems.