Five Reasons Why York is Right for You

York’s a sleepy cathedral city in Northern England…

…with a different nightclub for every day of the week, over 200 unique student societies and easy access to some of Britain’s most awe-inspiring areas of natural beauty. Yeah. Sleepy.

Here are my top five reasons why York could be the right university for you:

1. The College System

Big D State of Mind event in Derwent College

UoY is one of a small number of universities that features a collegiate system. At York, your college is the first social group you’ll be a part of when you arrive. Responsible for organising Freshers’ Week, varsity sports and social events throughout the year, colleges provide a great opportunity to make friends, get involved with campus life and get competitive.

It’s this friendly competition that helps make York such a dynamic and lively campus with the colleges catering for a wide range of university experiences. Want heart-of-the-action excitement? Choose one of Campus West’s central colleges. Want a more relaxed experience? Choose Goodricke, Langwith or Constantine set on Campus East.

2. Student Societies

Student societies are another key aspect of the varied and dynamic student experience at York. With over 200 assorted groups offering everything from the chance to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival through to learning Mandarin. York’s range of extracurricular options is almost unparalleled. If you have an interest, chances are there’s a society catering for it at York. Every society is a new chance to make friends and learn new skills. With that sort of variety, there’s something for everyone. Take a look.

3. Nightlife

Everybody wants different things from a night out. Once again York’s got you covered. With the Students’ Union (YUSU) organising club events four nights a week, you can be guaranteed a fun night specifically designed for and open exclusively to University of York students. Variety is again the name of the game. If clubs aren’t for you then York can still deliver. If there’s one thing we do well in Yorkshire its pubs and bars. You can find a fine drinking establishment down every street and around every corner, many catered towards students.

If you’re not into drinking, York’s fantastic live music scene is surely right for you. Boasting everything from Grime to Indie rock, live music venues like Fibbers offer some of the biggest names in music, performing intimate gigs all year round. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, in York, there is something for everyone.

4. Academic Support

It’s fair to say that I’ve not mentioned much about the academic side of student life. If you’re reading this post and considering York as a potential option for you, you already know that it’s academically excellent, a national leader for research and that it’s ranked amongst the world’s leading universities. However, you should also hear about the fantastic range of support available to you during your studies. About the phenomenal range of module choices. About the cutting-edge nature of both the research and the teaching carried out at the university.

Graduation caps

In every department, there is a network of tutoring, teaching and pastoral care. This aims to get the absolute maximum out of you and help you fulfil your potential. Academics are not simply chosen on the strength of their research but also on their ability to teach, to inspire and to support. This is what separates York from “just another prestigious university”.

5. The Campus

York’s campus is set in North Yorkshire’s outstanding rural beauty and it makes full of use of this setting. Surrounding the growing campuses are miles of picturesque fields. When the buzz of an active and dynamic university gets too much, this landscape offers a chance for real peace and relaxation. This sort of thing is important. This is the sort of thing that changes your university experience from good to great. Like everything else in York, it’s about variety. It’s about choice.

This is all without mentioning that you’re living in God’s Own County and in one of Britain’s friendliest cities. But maybe that’s just the inner Yorkshireman in me coming out…

Right now, the choice is yours. Choose to get involved. Choose to live your best life.

And just maybe, that means choosing York…

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Hi, I'm Finn, a 2nd Year History student in Derwent College. I’m actively involved with various aspects of life on campus with a role in several student societies, an appreciation of the many and varied nightlife opportunities available in York and a genuine love of the city.

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